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Building a good software development team that can act as your team to deliver solutions to your technology initiatives is tough.

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Our Software Development Services

You need a team of talented software developers who can understand your business and requirements, ask the critical questions, deliver high-quality software on schedule, and fit your budget. And you need them to be invested with you for the long-haul, not here today, gone tomorrow. We specialize in hybrid extended development teams that work in concert, direction and in-synch with your technical and business leadership directives.

At C’S|3 our team of great developers locally and globally have about 7+ years of experience in multiple technology stacks so we can provide you development teams with the depth of skill, attention to quality, and process proficiency for your projects. We provide stable, committed teams and continuously invest in training, research, and ongoing skills development to ensure your development team can apply the latest innovations to your applications.

HybridDevTeamsTM Software Development Process

C’S|3 Consultancy’s corporate vision is to help organizations achieve synergy with your leadership teams by defining the right strategies, integrating systems, aligning structures, building healthy culture, and competencies; harmonizing them to achieve your organization’s vision and mission in the marketplace and communities you serve.

CS3 Consulting

Define Your Need

Tell us about your current systems and business requirements. We actively listen, seeking thorough understanding.

CS3 Creating

Assemble and Integrate Your Team with Ours

Design and engage a tailored team with experience in the technologies, platforms, and frameworks you need. Exchange our team developer bios, sign NDA’s and contracts. Define the engagement model (Time/Resources/Delivery)

CS3 Coaching

Develop Great Software

Enjoy increased leadership, team, and end-user satisfaction as we create solutions that are comprehensive, optimized systems that seamlessly integrate into your development processes and release into your staging and production environments.

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