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At C’S|3 Consultancy we believe leadership is a mandate, an urgency, and the most critical skill set required at all levels to have a thriving culture, sustainability, and long-term value.

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Our Leadership Development & Coaching Services

To Lead ultimately means to die to the causes you believe in. Leadership development is about stewarding and managing yourself, leading others with strategic vision, and being the compass to your true north. A vision and purpose-driven Leadership helps your teams and your fellow peers with the ability to leave lasting legacies, find deeper meaning, and connecting of the dots within the culture of your organization as well as the fabric that weaves into the overall tapestry of being.

Leaders are called to transform lives and build unifying and creative cultures. Hence, our assessments that delve into relationship intelligence and gap analysis are designed to help change strategic and operational tactics. These changes will develop a leadership acumen and change the pattern of managing to leading.

Our leadership program is developed for long term strategies through coaching and development of strategic skills in understanding and shaping culture, measuring strategic roadmaps, and re-discovering your soul for your purpose in steering the ship and its crew for long voyages.

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Relational Intelligence / Core Strengths Training for Leaders & Teams

Relational Intelligence Assessments

Relationships are the strength of the organization. Conflicts within teams lessen productivity and low-level coordination between leaders and teams also impact performance outputs and forward momentum in programs and projects. To overcome this, we use The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) in partnership with CoreStrengths.

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0)

Our Strength Deployment Inventory, SDI 2.0, is the foundational Relationship Intelligence that your people will use one-on-one, in teams, or across departments to improve their results.

It provides a portrait of whole persons: the strengths they bring to work, their motives when working with others, and much more.

The ROI of RQ

Organizations with high Relationship Quotients (RQ) know how to build indestructible teams. They embrace diversity, navigate conflict, and power through obstacles with smarter, more effective decisions.

Core Strengths

Scheduled Check-ins and follow-up

Rachel Eachen

Keep up the momentum of healthy growth through regular, scheduled check-ins with our certified consultant team under the direction of Rachel Eachen. Rachel has been providing organizations with consulting services since 2015. Her services include identifying organizational wellness best practices and strategies with an emphasis on quality of work-life. She encourages an atmosphere of excellence, building organizational skills, communication skills, problem resolution skills, and stress management.

Relational Intelligence: Strength Development Inventory (SDI)

Core Strengths

The Power of SDI

Human behavior is driven by underlying motives and behavior rooted in upbringing and culture. The Strengths Deployment Inventory created by CoreStrengths is an effective tool for understanding these motives, values, and behaviors. C’S|3 Consultants use the SDI tool to help team members understand their strengths and overplayed strengths. This results in effectively navigating through conflict, building empathy, growing stronger teams, and increasing the organizational Relationship Quotient (RQ) to increase effectiveness.

Starting With the Why

C’S|3 Consultants use the SDI tool to unearth the underlying behaviors in order to help teammates understand themselves and others.

The SDI Assessment offers unique data insights into people’s behaviors and interactions in different situations and diverse environments. Our consultants help in understanding a base-level of what motivates team members and what impacts negatively on organizational and relationship performance management. Data-driven insights from this tool help team members manage stages of conflict, see the degree of motivational behavior changes, and strategies of relational awareness needed.

Core Strengths

Strategic Roadmap Consulting

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