Online CRM system for Camps

CAMPLE+ is an online CRM system for Camps that helps leadership and sales staff at a Camp manage the various sales activities and sales processes of the camp. The CRM allows you to schedule events, activities, food services, and creating a database for future campaigns for schools and parents of children who want to send their kids to camp.

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Cample+ Features

Cristo+ has easy-to-use modules for membership, giving, Church Health, accounting, event scheduling/management, and insights-based reporting. We are also working on more features coming later this year!

Responsive Web Design

Infrastructure Setup

  • Frontend Website Integration: Cample will integrate with your frontend marketing website and custom intake or inquiry forms will record all information of your prospects be it individual or an organization in one central database.
  • End to end Sales Management Process: Cample provides Camps and campground sales staff to manage leads/prospects, record touchpoints, do follow-ups, create contracts, automated workflows of email correspondence, and digital signature management on the client and camp side.
  • Camp Management: Cample helps Camp leadership to manage and schedule staffing and clients for camp activities, programs, and camp facilities to assign, release and manage planning to avoid conflicts in scheduling.
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Web Development

Logistics & Reporting

  • Individual & Group Registration with Payment Integration: Cample provides an easy-to-use customer interface for capturing registration and payments and processing the payments to your bank account.
  • Digital Signature for Waivers & Contracts: Cample+ provides an easy-to-use customer interface for capturing various health-related forms, waivers, releases, and contracts for digitally signing and attaching them automatically to individual and client records. This saves a lot of manual time and paperwork, not only speeding up customer intake, but help the camp accurately keep records for managing risk and liabilities.
  • Reporting & Insights: Cample provides an easy-to-use Dashboard approach for information consumption as well as built-in reports that empower you to be proactive instead of reactionary. Stay in the know of what’s happening at your camp in terms of sales, financial revenues, activities, food services inventory, scheduling reports for activities, and make informed decisions about where to focus your attention.
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