Social Engineering

Testing the level of security training and knowledge your employees truly possess.
Employees are the greatest security risk any company can have. It takes just one employee to fall for a phishing scam to expose your entire organization to a hacker. Simulated attacks that reveal your team’s security shortcuts, followed by security training, is the best way to avoid an attack. C’S|3 Cybersecurity Consultants is highly skilled in manipulating your team to break normal security procedures. When we conduct your social engineering, we’ll typically obtain privileged information from 25% of your employees.
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Types of Social Engineering


A broad attack that targets individuals or groups of individuals and not a specific company. These attacks are commonly seen as unsolicited emails or postings.


Targets a specific company or person and uses what is regarded as inside information to gain trust before influencing an action.


Utilizes the phone to gain sensitive information such as company logistics, technology or specific employee information.


In-person attacks designed to test access controls and employee resistance to being socially engineered.