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An organization’s health is connected across various parts of its ecosystem (systems, structures, communication, marketing, HR, accounting, departments, business processes, suppliers, customers, vendors, and strategies), all connected and managed by your most important resource: People.

At C’S|3 Consultancy Corporation, we believe any part that doesn’t work well affects your overall efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, and long-term sustainability in the marketplace.

Our offerings

We provide a wide range of services to assist in your growth and meet your goals.

Responsive Web Design

Consulting Services

  • Strategic Consulting, Technology Governance & CIO Roadmaps, Financial Management & Audits.
  • Organizational Risk Management, SDI & Relational Intelligence, Networking & Telecommunications
  • Organizational Assessments for Compliance, Business Continuity / Disaster Risk Management, Cybersecurity & Digital Security Services Consulting.

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Web Development

Creating Services

  • Building dynamic websites and web/native applications with latest technologies.
  • Front-end, Back-end, and mobile development in several tech stacks.
  • Partially and fully managed IT services, managed network, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and backup services.
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Mobile Apps Development

Coaching Services

  • Our leadership program is developed for long term strategies.
  • Change strategic and operational tactics with our relationship intelligence and gap analysis leadership assessments.
  • Coaching and development of strategic skills in understanding and shaping culture, measuring strategic roadmaps, and re-discovering your soul for your purpose in steering the ship and its crew for long voyages.
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Our Products and Hosted Services

Custom software solutions to serve your needs.