Domains: Healthcare

Senior Living Centers rely on C’S|3 Consultancy to reduce risk and improve security within their environments. Seniors have the same challenges everyone else does when it comes to cybersecurity, especially during COVID-19. C’S|3 recognizes this, and it is the reason why we offer cybersecurity services for long-term care facilities. Our C’S|3 Consultancy offers assistance with the following:

  • Cybersecurity assessments.
  • Cybersecurity training.
  • Cybersecurity remediation.

C’S|3 Consultancy strives to helps seniors reduce the risk in the technology they use so that they can focus on living, learning, working, creating, and thriving.

Regulations in the healthcare field are in a state of constant change. C’S|3 will step in to safeguard patient and other confidential data. PCI and HIPPA compliance is a primary focus but doesn’t need to be difficult. We can identify the security risk and compliance, assess complex situations, formulate solutions, and execute them for you. Minimal disruptions to the day to day operations while maintaining compliance and security. Working with Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer resource management (CRM) systems, and Electronic Medical records (EMR) System selection and implementation.

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