CHARACTER: Do the right thing with the best intent for yourself, the company, the customers, the marketplace, and the communities we serve.

COURAGE: Be Courageous to stand for the right thing and the right cause.

CREATIVITY: Be creative at all levels that lead to innovation in the design of services, business process improvements, applications, and products.

CONNECTED: Be partnered with our customers, vendors, networks, and consultants to add value so they can be the best at what they do.

CAMARADERIE: We are a fellowship of loyal and close friends who can do together things way better than one person can achieve alone.

COMMITMENT: We promise to strive for excellence in our services and products for all of our stakeholders.

CURIOSITY: We are curious learners and our curiosity leads us to have open minds to learn, experiment, fail, and try new things in the pursuit of knowledge, solutions, and advancement.

STRATEGIC: Be strategic in thinking long term value for our customers, vendors, networks, and consultants.