Accounts Payable Processing Services

Whatever your Process, We can automate it!

CoreIntegrator Enterprise is a powerful business automation solution that can be tailored to automate any business process.

With over 20 years of experience, we have a library of pre-built solutions including AP automation, procurement automation and HR automation.

More importantly, CoreIntegrator Enterprise is completely customizable to your specific business process. So instead of making you change your business process to automate it, we custom tailor automation to your specific process!

We don’t just stop at automating your business.

We grow with you and help you achieve business goals that would never be possible with manual processing.

Features, functionality, and facts.

Using industry best practices, we simplify and optimize everyday administrative tasks through process automation.

Our goal is to make the lives of your employees easier. That’s why we build a product that works perfectly within a company’s process and structure to deliver systems that meet the actual needs of each organization.

How do we do that?

Let’s dive into some key functionality our Enterprise solution has to offer.

Near-100% invoice data automation accuracy

CoreIntegrator Data Capture Service is better and cheaper than OCR. Your AP staff or vendors upload or email invoices to our system.

Invoice data then appears in your AP clerk’s work queue within 1 business day with important data automatically entered in your system ready to be processed.

And best of all, at least two humans verify the accuracy of that invoice data by the time it is loaded to your company’s AP work queue.


Once integrated into your business, each of your designated team members will get their own dashboard where they can see their approval tasks in seconds.

They only see what they need to approve, so it’s a simple step of opening for more detail and approving each request.

Procurement automation speeds up the purchase and procurement process.

By freeing staff from repetitive and time-consuming tasks, procurement automation allows them to focus on business-critical activities like vendor relations and finding better prices.

It also significantly reduces purchasing overhead costs.


Business-to-business payment automation is the final step in automating the accounts payable procure-to-pay process.

Paper checks are the least efficient and most expensive way to pay invoices. And yet many companies -even cutting edge companies- are still cutting paper checks every day.

But with CoreIntegrator payment automation via OnPay Solutions your business will see the benefits of payment automation.


Many workflows involve a “document” of some type.

From paperemail extractionOCR / ICR data capture, or other electronic file types.

Our Enterprise solution has the technology to support all standards for importing and exporting documents, to and from your workflow.

With integrated modules or via 3rd party leaders in the industry, you’ll never miss important data and enhance the customer’s experience.

CoreIntegrator has a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) available for in-house customization.

Functions and information can be accessed through the API so your company can develop your own standard ‘plug and play’ interfaces between CoreIntegrator and your solution.

CoreIntegrator includes a flexible and powerful module for building and designing electronic forms.

Drag and drop form fields to any position on the form design tool.

Fields can be linked to virtually any data source for complete and seamless integration.

With a huge range of field types and conditional formatting rules, you have near limitless customization options available.

CoreIntegrator is developed to suit your organization’s needs, so whether you want your software installed locally on your network, hosted with a preferred hosting company, or natively in the cloud- CoreIntegrator has enough flexibility to be installed in the location that makes the most sense for your organization.

Drag and drop workflows provide a unique visual to the “flow” of the process so developers can easily determine where routings begin and end or branch to specific activities based on certain conditions.

Out of the box pre-configured workflow configurators are now available so that non-technical users can customize their own workflow rules with an easy-to-use interface- new workflows are fully designed in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.

Learn more about workflow designer

CoreIntegrator provides the ability to search and find important documents and information within seconds.

Users can also export search results to Excel spreadsheets for further review and analysis.

CoreIntegrator has a built-in report module for day-to-day custom reporting needs.

For customers that use other reporting services or utilities, data in CoreIntegrator can also be exposed via SQL views for easy access.

CoreIntegrator delivers a quick and easy content management functionality for archives of your other documents.

Users can easily add content, perform basic “indexing” of keywords or descriptions and archive the document for later retrieval.

Content can be easily integrated into existing workflows as supporting documentation for quick reference or association based on key index fields.

Users access documents using the same user experience as they do with workflows, so combining the two environments, workflows and content storage, into a single interface greatly simplifies how a user accesses their paperless environment.

Introducing Smart AP

What if CoreIntegrator could learn how you process your invoices and do all that work for you?

Well now it can with Smart AP robotic process automation.

Smart AP is a configurable tool that lets you teach CoreIntegrator to automatically fill in data fields for you based on certain key values.

For example, if your FedEx invoice always goes to “Bob” in the shipping department and the invoice is always coded to the same GL account number, once you’ve entered in the vendor information and the basic invoice detail (invoice date, number, and amount) – our robotic process automation auto-populates the rest of the fields based on how you processed the invoice the last time.


The Children’s Trust used CoreIntegrator Enterprise to automate accounts payable. The goal of this envelope-pushing project was to make The Children’s Trust’s accounting team’s life easier and more productive.

As pioneers in A/P automation software CoreIntegrator has 20 years of experience working alongside companies like The Children’s Trust to implement envelope-pushing ideas to automate business processes and workflow.

We are proud to share that our partner at The Children’s Trust, Stephanie Sylvestre, Chief Programs Officer/CIO, was recently selected as the Non-Profit CIO of the Year by South Florida Business Journal!


Like many AP departments, rather than being designed around efficiency and best practices, Vertical Bridge’s AP department had simply grown organically over several years.

But as Vertical Bridge experienced significant growth, its AP department’s resources were outstripped by the sheer volume of vendors, invoices and approvals.

Instead of trying to apply a one-size-fits-all solution, CoreIntegrator partnered with Vertical Bridge to tailor an AP automation system that meets Vertical Bridge’s unique business process requirements.

Together, CoreIntegrator and Vertical Bridge applied industry best practices to simplify and optimize their everyday administrative tasks through process automation.

Tailored solutions for your specific needs

The CoreIntegrator Enterprise platform is capable of automating any business process with its integrated forms designer and workflow designer tools.

We used our Enterprise solution to completely revolutionize the business processes of our client, Empire education group.